Disinfection of sport fishing equipment

As a preventive measure against spreading infectious diseases of freshwater fishes to Iceland from other countries, it is prohibited according to The Salmon, Trout and Char Fishing Act of 1970, chapter X, to use fishing equipment which has been used while angling abroad, unless such equipment has been disinfected according to valid rules.

A certificate of disinfection, issued by an official veterinary authority will be accepted, if presented on entering Iceland. The certificate should be clearly worded on officially headed paper with the appropriate stamp of approval and not older than 3 weeks.

Iceland has always been free of infectious fish diseases like IPN, VHS, IHN, UDN and ISA, caused by various virus, and also of parasitic disease like Gyrodactylosis, and therefor we will maintain a strict disinfection policy to try to keep this position. Your cooperation for a clean and healthy environment will secure a bright future for the wild Atlantic salmon and trout.

Guidelines for disinfection are as follows
The equipment should be immersioned for 10 minutes in the disinfectant solution. Approved disinfectants are for example:

1. Virkon (1% solution)
2. Caustic soda (0,2% solution)
3. Crystalline soda (5% solution)
4. Setax (0,3% solution)
5. Korsolin (3% solution)
6. Formalin (2% formaldehyd solution)
7. Phenol solution (2-5% solution)

The company "Fagræsting s/f" operates a fast disinfection service at Keflavík Int. Airport for the price of ISK 1.800 - 2.200 (USD 18 - 22) for each rod, including related accessories.